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"Every year I go to Oshkosh and some of the large area fly-ins and I see lots of airplanes and flying activity. Then, after the show they all disappear. Where do they go?"

It’s no secret that general aviation activity has slowed down in the past few years. The increasing costs of fuel, insurance and other factors have made it difficult to justify our sport against competing hobbies like golf and outdoor family activities. But is general aviation dying or gone? No, it isn’t. In fact, it’s alive and well but it takes a different form today. Continuing to foster growth means adopting new ways of thinking and fresh ideas.

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IFC Welcomes CFI Adam Brendle

Indiana Flight Center is proud to announce its commitment to providing flight training with the addition of CFI, Adam Brendle.

I am the new Certified Flight Instructor at Indiana Flight Center. My journey into flight began in 2012, and like many, I have been in love ever since! After completing my CFI training at Indiana State University, I taught there until recently when I moved back to the area but not before completing my bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management there last fall.

Give me a call at (574) 266-4040 to discuss getting started on your new certificate or BFR. As a FAA Safety Team representative, I hope to be able to a resource to anyone in the area.

July, 2017

Get started today with a new certificate or rating! Adam Brendle is on the team to help with all of your flight training needs.